Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well, my family and I have decided to try and eat a bit healthier and go on somewhat of a calorie cut back to try and get rid of some of this unwanted weight. Being in the right frame of mind and having the will to stick with it is generally my problem. My daughter is like me in that way, but we are both determined to stick with it. I saw this on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/pin/269723465152771696/ and I thought this is what we need. So my daughter and I made our weight loss inspiration containers last night. You just need some glass jars, glass beads, and some stickers, pretty easy. The concept is easy, once a week we will check our weight, for every pound you shed you take one out of the pounds to go container and put one clear bead in the pounds lost container. Then whenever you get to the 10lb mark you put in a grey bead.  I think both of us seeing it visually everyday will help us stay on track. We are only on day two, but proud of my daughter already for being excited about it.

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